Brand Agency Main Resources

A brand is a construct that goes beyond visual representation. Although most brands have a predefined logo, a greatly designed brand should be able to dispense from a single logo. It is also the compound of originally distinctive signs, which describe your product.

Brand agencies are here to strengthen your brand and set them apart from the big competitors. Their goal is to get you clients that are willing to support your brand by spending their money paper on your products or services. In order to get clients to waste their hardworking money on you, your clients have to know about you first. The brand agency is the golden link between you and your clients, the rainbow that leads to the golden pot. Here are two of the main resources they use to help your brand get big numbers.

TV Advertising

The most expensive yet the most popular type of advertising sits on your living room. Events like the super bowl are the most watched worldwide and the most expensive ones too. On average a tv advert while these events are airing is around 4 million dollars for thirty seconds air time, may seem like a lot but take note of the more than 108 million viewers that will be watching your advert. The tv advertising is often the most effective way to show your products because it involves your listening, reading and watching senses taking more effort and concentration out of you.

Radio Advertising

The radio waves-based type of advertising is the second most used method for advertising around the world. Relatively cheaper than television time, the radio proposes a great space for live advertising with the only downside of being limited to sound. It might not be as popular as the television but has more than 93 percent of us population tuning in.